One alpaca is pretty

much the same as

any other alpaca.


Mill View Mountain Alpacas

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Well ... not exactly.

In fact, you’re not even close!


  1. 1.Our herd is one of many colors, from white to fawns, light browns through dark browns, and greys to black,

  2. 2.Alpacas display many differences—in their faces, bodies, bone structures, fleece characteristics,  etc.


“By” = sire (father)              “Out of” = dam (mother)

Our alpacas are ARI registered. Please call 570-494-7734 or email us at [email protected], with inquiries.

Milana Alyssa        ARI # 833078        DOB 10.24.01        Medium Fawn (LF)

Nickname: MILLI

by AC Star Buck, a PPPeruvian Augusto son; and out of AC Luvis Blin, with PPPeruvian Augusto and PPeruvian Caligula ancestry.

Big Sky Chablis            ARI # 841633             DOB 5.1.02             Light Fawn

by SA Peruvian Black-N-Decker, a 4Peruvian black Magic son; and out of Big Sky Misty Dawn.

Big Sky Brandywine           ARI # 841634        DOB 6.3.02        Dark Brown

by SA Royal Rafael, a PPPeruvian Royal Fawn son; and out of Lanark’s Tartine.

Susquehanna’s Macarena        ARI# 1051544         DOB 6.29.05        Light Fawn

by SCA Peruvian Magnum; and out of Skyeview Trillium.

Susquehanna’s Samba            ARI# 1051575             DOB 5.29.05            True Black

by NicNac, a 4Peruvian Black Magic Grandson; and out of Woods Edge Enya, a Peruvian Macusani daughter.

Bonny Alice Browneyes        ARI # 30887008        DOB 5.14.06        Medium Brown

by Mister Coffee Bean; and out of Big Sky Brandywine, a Royal Fawn granddaughter.

Margeaux of Mill View Mountain        ARI # 30887091            DOB 6.6.07              MB

by Peruvian Virtual Vicuna of Starhill ; and out of Big Sky Brandywine.

Our alpacas are ARI (Alpaca Registry) registered and come from outstanding bloodlines. Farms that choose to purchase alpacas from us can be assured of our continuing availability for help with husbandry, birthing or care questions. Please call or email us with any inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.

Aasta of Mill View Mountain             ARI#  30887206             DOB 6.14.09   White/LF

By PH Godfrey, a 5Peruvian Quicksilver son; and out of Big Sky Chablis, a 4Peruvian Black Magic granddaughter.

Madame President of Mill View Mountain  ARI# 30887114        DOB 7.21.09   MF/W         

By PH Sarajevo, a PPPeruvian Mr. President son; and out of Milana Alyssa, a PPPeruvian Augusto granddaughter, and PPeruvian Caligula G4572 great granddaughter.

Aurora of Mill View Mountain              ARI# 30887213                   DOB 7.11.09   TB/BB

By AC Duncan; and out of Susquehanna’s Samba, a 4Peruvian Black Magic 6025 and Peruvian Macusani G204 granddaughter.

(breeding males)

Alpacas destined to be herdsires possess the
finest qualities of health, conformation and fiber.

Mac’s Willow of MVMA                  ARI# 30887220                  DOB 6.26.11                     LF

By Delambre, PPPeruvian Inca and PPPeruvian Quadrille ancestry; and out of Susquehanna’s Macarena, an SCA Peruvian Magnum R830801 granddaughter.

McKenzie of Mill View Mountain           ARI# 30887077                 DOB 7.17.10          LF

By Delambre, PPPeruvian Inca and PPPeruvian Quadrille ancestry; and out of Big Sky Brandywine, 4Peruvian Black Magic 6025, SA Royal Rafael, PPP Royal Fawn 6014 ancestry.