What’s so special

about alpaca fiber?

Mill View Mountain Alpacas



Our alpaca fiber is all natural, totally organic,
renewable, "green" and perfectly wonderful!

This rare and precious fiber is such a valuable commodity because it combines so many positive qualities. It is the most naturally colorful fleece in the world, with variations from pure white, light fawns through browns of many shades, grey tones which range from the lightest silver to a warm rose grey, and a true jet black.

People who cannot wear sheep’s wool find that because alpaca fiber is very fine, lacks lanolin and is not prickly, they can wear it without any discomfort from allergies or scratching. The fiber is unusually strong and resilient, and the strength of the fiber does not diminish as it becomes finer, thus making it ideal for industrial processing.

The alpaca has more thermal capacity in its fiber than almost any other animal. The fiber contains microscopic air pockets which create lightweight garments with high insulation values. The fiber’s cellular structure produces fiber that is soft, supple, smooth to the touch, and is unmatched by most other specialty fibers. The fiber’s natural, rich luster gives garments wonderful visual appeal.

Alpaca does not tear easily, pill, stain or create static, and is less expensive to process than sheep’s wool due to its lack of grease or lanolin. And, the fine fleeces do not have to be de-haired like cashmere or camel.

We shear our alpacas once a year, in the spring. At the end of the day we have piles of beautiful fleeces just waiting to be spun!

At Mill View Mountain Alpacas we clean, card, spin, knit, and weave with the fiber that is grown on our farm.

  1. 1.Lauren Staman discovers the softness of alpaca fleece, while Aurora basks in her gentle touch.

  2. 2.Skeins of our hand-spun fiber hang to dry slowly in the shade of our deck. This helps to set the twist of the lovely yarns.

  3. 3.Our lovely alpaca fiber wins blue ribbons.

  4. 4.Marcarena’s prime fleece is ultra-fine and crimpy.

  5. 5.From the day that Delambre was born, his fleece showed crimp, extraordinary character, fineness, and bundling.  With the birth of Aasta in May, 2009, he became a “proven” herdsire,

  6. 6.Caroline is spinning alpaca fiber into—gold. If only, but alpaca yarn is almost as good as gold!

  7. 7.A close-up of Delambre’s fleece shows a superior fiber quality called bundling.

Just about everything makes alpaca fiber special!